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It has already been 2 weeks since I went to Mongolia!
I’m so sorry about all the memories I’ve been to.
I organize my photos and write them down.
The reason for the trip to Mongolia is star!★★★★★
As a result of this time of last year, I wanted to travel East Europe so much.
Cheap ticket! Cheap prices! We’ve picked up a good Mongolia for a week to travel.Haha
Of course, I like natural scenery.
Picking up Mongolia to see the desert and the stars also played a part!
Mongolia is said to be having a hard time traveling in private cars!
So, travelers travel through tour agencies.
My actual travel period (excluding departure date) is Oct. 6-12.
I’ve scheduled a seven-day tour through the tour company.
I found the Gobi Desert schedule that I want to visit the most.
In addition to the Gobi Desert in the south, Hobbesgol in the north (the lake) / The Hume Herse looked good!
If the travel period is short for 3 to 4 days, I go on a lot of mini desert plus tersey tours!
The tour company is IDC Tour! It was a very satisfying tour company for my personal thoughts!
(I’ll keep doing the tourney from behind.)
Before you choose the tour company! Should we save the people who are going on tour together?!
I found a group of people at the Cafe Love Mongolia that matches the date and location I want!
There are many articles asking for company affiliation in the cafe!
There were many good reviews, so I got some information. 캬캬캬캬
Leaving Korea on October 5th and on October 13th, I will be accompanied by 5 people including me!
Since then, we’ve been in touch with the tour company.
The last choice was IDC Tour Inc.

I love the tour schedule for the South Gobi Desert, which fits the schedule of the 7th.
I’m going to Mongolia in early October because it’s off-season, so I’m going to upgrade my accommodation at the tour company!
Originally there’s an extra charge.~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
The vehicle’s emotional. Purgong! I was able to choose the driver and the guide I wanted.
Local drinkers, free pick-up and sanding, and free water supplies for the tour.
And I was so happy to include the activities that I enjoy during the tour. ᄒ
camel experience, horse experience, eagle experience, desert sled like this are the representative activities!
(Other tour agencies had one of them missing or had an extra charge!)
The tour cost was a little more expensive than other tour agencies, but it was not a waste.
When the president of the tour company asked me about the questions, I was very kind.
I’ve asked a lot of questions.

I’ve been waiting for the tour company and the trip to Dingaddinga, and it’s already coming…
I used Asiana Airlines!
Do you all know that? The fact that Asiana Airlines has also had flights to Mongolia since July?
The travel period is also off-season and I bought it by Asiana Airlines for 380,000 won!
What’s the cheapest price you’ve ever gone to? If it’s expensive, it’s in the middle of 400,000 won.
I feel like I’ve gone cheap, so I feel good about it.
I arrived at the airport around 6 p.m. because I was flying at 9:45 p.m!
I need to meet my group and find some duty-free items

I took a backpack with me, but when I saw people going to Mongolia, I was the only one who could see the backpack.
It’s hard. It’s hard. I took a rest at Pascucci on the second floor of the airport…
Everyone, take the carrier, not the backpack. But you have to take it into account.
After receiving the check-up, I got on board time.
I couldn’t take a picture because I wanted to take a rest because I was fast riding…
But! It’s less than 4 hours of flight, but do you want to eat in-flight meals?
There are two kinds of in-flight meals: chicken breasts and bibimbap!
I had a can of beer on Bibimbap.
Um, the taste is, um… Yes, it is.Haha
It doesn’t look like red pepper paste. It is in a bag with a spoon.
The Mongolian next to you is Bibimbap, but you don’t eat red pepper paste…? Eh?

I had an in-flight meal and closed my eyes for a while. It’s already the airport!
We’re going to go to the airport and find the driver to greet us!
There’s Tom and Tom at the airport. The place where we meet at the tour company!
And the Mongolian weather in early October evening is really cold…
Not even a long arm? At least I had to wear a windscreen or a hood!
At 1:30 a.m., we need to get some sleep, so we have a reservation.
We’re going to the Kubbsgul Lake Hostel lodge!
Hi, Tsingkyskan. See you in 7 days.

When I arrived, I washed and went to bed immediately….
8 : 30 in the morning is the meeting time, so I wake up early in the morning and prepare.
This is a picture of Ulaanbaatar on the 22nd floor of the Kuvesgul Lake Hostel.
Mongolia is so beautiful when the sun rises and sets.

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