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This is a picture of Sukhbatar Square taken during a visit to Mongolia on May 12.

When you go to Mongolia, you land at Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan Airport.
Then one visit each other in Ulaanbaatar Square.
Genghis Khan appears in the history books.
Sukhbatar is usually unfamiliar.
If Genghis Khan is the creator of the Yuan Dynasty,
Sukhbatar is an independence activist who liberated Mongolia from China in the 20th century.
The statue sitting in the middle of the building far away is Genghis Khan.
And the statue riding a horse in the center of the square is Sukhbatar.
When you’re in the square, you usually take pictures of the square’s width.
Photographing Mongolia’s square makes the sky more clear.

This is where, less crowds.
To stand several electric vehicle and child vendors who is waiting for customers.
Sit back and get lending and children are watching.
Whether it is how much revenue it will be quite the same.

And, a kid on a pub.
A young man and a woman who rent a couple bike,
Every square is the same.
Even though their lives may be busy in reality, it is here that they can afford to relax.
Since this place is in the middle of the city, there are many tall buildings that are piled high around it.
It is also feared that it may be an invasion of capital rather than a picture of development.
Whether it is domestic or foreign speculative capital, it seems to deepen the gap between rich and poor.
Mongolia’s economy is receiving IMF aid, and the lives of Mongolians are getting tougher.
The reality is that young people are taking out loans from banks and buying apartments and moving into Mongolia.
However, it is ironic that the square seems too peaceful to be concerned about in Mongolia.

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