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The original cameras were the GF7 and G7, but the lenses were only a bundle with a wide angle of 12-32mm f3.5mm.
The angle is useful, but the aperture value (F) is too dark (the lower the number, the brighter the number), during the microphased mount lens.
As it was only Laos and Lens that cost low Fs, it was hard to use secondhand shopping, but it was not able to sell well, so I just bought it as a new product
Meanwhile, I changed the G7 to GX85, and I bought it because I wanted to take a picture because of the five-axis remote room.
Anyway, I need to ride a boat and make a video on September 7th, the date of departure and the wedding of Kim Hee Min.
Peiyu g new purchase. 6 plus jimbeoreul The payload is a little low, but I use the stranger, so it would be ready for camera and lens combination.
Gimbal is important that 600 grams at the level of weight itself is very light. Anyway so the three and even small.
85, Lao and 7.5 It’s an unfortunate gx mm don’t know why (It’s not just me you find the Internet.) focus by itself is not at all.
The body, which, fortunately, sekeon gf 7 can talk well in the 85, something like a better and fine image quality is better gx doeseoaswip it from taking pictures.
The camera that I take when I go on a trip is
Two Panasonic GF7, GX85. The reason why I use body hood is because I’m lazy to change my lenses. GF7 is so small that it’s not much of a burden.
Lens are 12-32mm F3.5 (perhaps for general imaging), 20.7mm F1.7 (near persona picture), 35-100mm F2.8 (mangent material lens), and 7.5mm F 2 (pale view, separate picture).
Except for the 35-100, these are miniscule lenses weighing 100 grams, so they are less burdensome.
Early August in his spare time and Lao and lens gf 7 in Milyang astronomical pictures, the experience, go to practice.
Are the mosquitos bugging you in an eye toward interval came despite moderate exercise its own way without a shooting.
Punctate enough exposure are still 25 seconds and I’m afraid we have to do with eight and 16 is iso comes to the same.
Mongolia is environmental pollution caused by mining like … will you have to go to 400 to 800, no hwoeoeoeolssin
I tried to shoot myself with a remote control, and I was timing it with a flash.
All of the pictures below were taken with maximum opening (F 2.0). It’s usually a landscape picture, so it’s the clearest picture I’ve ever taken.
The star picture is always open.But I want to film it with a little bit of 2.8 degrees.

If you want to take a trip to Mongolia, if you have a mirrorless or DSLR,
I think it’s better to go to the outer city and practice the pictures.
Most people who don’t know how to shoot will use the Bundle Lens and it’s very difficult to use the Bundle Lens in Korea, but in Mongolia, the Bundles are also popular.
In M mode, you can set the iso exposure time aperture value for any mirrorless or DSLR, but you don’t know that people who usually hold the bundle.
Because each model has a slightly different interface, you can search your own camera (Sonnie, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc.) and search it for YouTube.
You can set the aperture value of the ISO exposure time by watching the video for just 10 minutes.
Then, put the camera on a solid tripod and press the shutter.
However, it is not bad to take a timer picture because the shutter can shake when you press the shutter. It’s all in every camera.
Remote control, cut it down to work, but I’m just a camera and smartphones. Sonny tried it, but Panasonic is the best…
Although the mirror is the most disadvantageous for taking a separate picture, it still has a good mobility and tastes like carrying it around.

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