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Out of the country on the evening of the 19th, and tour downtown Ulaanbaatar on the 20th.
Tours are 21-30 nine nights and 10 days.
Entering the country on the 31st morning.
Venue of tour: Jabhang, Hobbsgol
Based on the fact that I went to these two places. Not a desert.

Unlike the worries, the atmosphere of the team members who went together was really good, so it became a pleasant trip to Mongolia. At the end of the trip, I learned that the atmosphere was important because six people were traveling for more than 10 days. It was so good. It was a trip that we met late, comfortable, pleasantly thoughtful, shared, and praised each other.

The tranquility and loveliness of Mongolia itself are beyond description. Mongolia has been a place where innocence and naturalness coexist without pretense, although it may be that many countries and cities have been going to Mongolia for a short time.

I think you felt that way because there are many nomadic people. Mongolia, which is not yet developed, is now under development.
I just want you to keep your own composure and bright smile forever.

in the light of the unexpected
1. There are a lot of Korean food at the Mongolian mart. There’s a kid’s red ginseng. Even rural mom-and-pop stores sell ramen. Chinese and Japanese food are hard to find. I just don’t have one.
2. By the way, all cars are Toyota. I thought there was a car factory. Hyundai Motor Co. discovered it by accident. Like a bus to a daycare center. Food is Korean food and Mongolians cannot eat spicy food, but I envied Japan selling cars in Mongolia.
3. Most Mongolians know how to ride horses. This is because most of them were born in the country and came to Seoul. It’ll change in a few years. It is a country with infinite potential.
4. Where the bad news is coming from. What if I get hurt? I just get better on my own. It’s so strong and strong that I can get better if I break my
5. Mongolian men’s skeletons are really strong. It is different from Southeast Asia. Unable to compare. Tall and majestic. I’ll be holed up.I almost fell in love with you riding on a horse and wearing traditional clothes and a red face
6. Japan, no Chinese tourists. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I thought it was Asia, but I’m glad it wasn’t in Bulgaria.
7. No Discount
8. Merchants are good at Korean. I guess there are so many Korean tourists.
9. With cashmere money…In Korea, there are some cases where it is 100p and cheap, but there are clothes with 100p reliability at that price.
10. If you like nature, go. Go twice. a must recommendation
11. Sometimes I can’t see them, but I washed them all except once. It’s a tour option. No shower in real nomadic Gerr. Toilet, too.
12. Smells peculiar to the ger. The smell of sheep? The smell of lamb? The smell of sheep’s milk? And the smoke of the stove got soaked in the clothes.
13. The weather was bad so I could see the right stars only for one day. I can’t go back to my schedule. However, I couldn’t find time to get bored because of the company I went with. That’s how important it is.
14. I’m back in my day My job’s robbing is…A question mark for the manager. But what about Woon, the companion you’ve met at the travel? 100%! I owe it to the children who showed me what it is to share and be with them.
15. Ah.. I don’t want to go back to the travel destination. The first place I thought about living here was the first. Ha ha.
16. Simple Mongolia so it is more lovely and attractive.
17. In simple comparison, tourists ride horses-tourism products Korea/ tourists ride horses-Mongolians who take Korean horses for a walk and come to see them
18. One day, Mongolia will change with the urbanization and the influx of many outsiders. Your eyes will change with the appearance of new eyes, but I will miss Mongolia now.
19. Recorded after visiting Mongolia.
20. So it is natural for Mongolians to lie down on a vast grassland filled with insects and cow dung, horse dung, goat dung and sheep poop.

The end of one’s journey’s later record

Travel preparation tip

1. Please join us at the Love Mongolia Cafe. Easier to prepare for experience
2. Take your padding vest. Need to sleep. If the weather is nice (when the sun rises), if it’s hot or not at lunch, if it’s cloudy or rainy, I go to northern Mongolia (I don’t know about the desert in the south). No air conditioner is needed for camels. The wind that came through the window of the car was cool in the sun. Sandstorm Nono
3.Northern travel (Jabu and Hobbesgol) No mask required
4. The socks are. If you wear sneakers and sandals, you don’t want to wear shoes.
5. I’ll take a picture at Air Bed. But good. To watch, take pictures, and send time. Of course, I’ll take it when I come back and bring it back with me.
6.Drink cheap
7.The camel-type nuclear earring. It’s prettier and more ssamgy during the trip than the department store. Small one is 5000 to 4G. Big one is 15000 to 3G. But I’ve never found it on the way to Java.
8.We’ve got plenty of time. Let’s take one by one.
9.I don’t know because I haven’t been to the opposite sex. But it’s convenient to go with the same sex for a number of reasons. The car shook and bumped more than I thought. And when I change my clothes…Where should I change my toilet since it’s a puce style? You want men or women to go out there?
9. Jabu Port is really tourist-free.
10. Good use of hot packs.
11. Good luck with your mother’s man-to-man. I recommend a fancy long skirt for filming. Ginger is warm and fluttering in the wind. Pretty.
12. Oh, it’s long. Let’s write this much.
13. Oh, take your sleeping bag.
14.Also, sleep is mostly Germanic. Traveler Camp Guerre
15. Haha. If you think you’re going to get motion sickness, you can buy some medicine for motion sickness.

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