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But before that, under the rule of socialism in Russia,
Mongols who couldn’t talk about Genghis Khan…
But recently, socialism has become a democracy.
On Genghis Khan, who once again ruled the world freely.
Everyone’s been able to talk.

The statue of Genghis Khan stands 50 meters tall.
To attract foreign tourists
It’s said to have been created by individuals, so drone shooting, etc.
I can’t do this without thinking about it, but I’m going to use another camera.
Feel free to…
German, Mongolian and Korean engineers
This statue was made by over 500 people.
Get on the elevator of the Inner Erdem Museum.
From the observatory, you can see the face of Genghis Khan in front of your face.

It is considered one of the best places to travel to Mongolia.
Because of the massage that you reserve locally as an option,
If the bus stops in less than 10 minutes and leaves,
You’ll have to make a big protest
The reason is that I want to go into the hotel in time for the option reservation,
In fact, as I said, this is the best place to travel to Mongolia.
Because it’s not an overstatement, and it’s a place inside the Erdam Museum.
Because riding an elevator is a must, not an option.
It is considered a course that must be delayed for at least an hour.

Genghis Khan, who was born in this world as a nomadic!
The way he looks at the statue…
There’s a statue of his mother standing in front of him about 2KM.
You can see it in the Mongolian eyes, but you can’t see it in the 1.5-person eyes
The statue of Genghis Khan and his mother facing each other…
I really just want to go.

The package tour bus has been here for ten minutes.
I don’t know why you’re stopping.
I didn’t know when I was here, but…
I found out that the options at the hotel were…

After returning to downtown Mongolia later.
Shall we go back individually? a horse’s
It’s also where I’ve been thinking a lot about it.
Because you can operate a taxi service in Mongolia by car.
How far to round trip
Or just how much is it?on the spur of the moment.
If you meet a bad driver, you’ll be ripped off.
It is said that good drivers operate at a good price.

t’s the place that made me want to find it again.
If you ever find Mong-gol again in the coming Yewol
I think it’s because of this place.
PS: In the Mongols, the king was decorated with silver, not gold.^^.

Do you think so? Tips for the Mongolian drone shooters!
Mongolian government offices don’t have a permit for aerial photography.
It’s a private property, so you can film it after 30 dollars or so. Never! It’s not a waste of money!

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