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I’m in a good mood. I’m in a rush to Mongolia.


The first time I’ve written it!>

It wasn’t as much as I had waited for a picnic as I was a child, but I was excited by the anticipation of my first trip to Mongolia. I bet you did, too, didn’t you? I would have! Last night, I went out with a bundle of joy and… When I went to Mongolia, I took the green grasslands and the pouring stars in my eyes. The tripod I prepared for the camera was so big that I put all my luggage in one bag! Is this bag heavy? 25Kg. Yum! Did you sleep well? It’s a little faster than rush hour, so I’m busy preparing for departure!

August 30th at 7 a.m. Departure to Hong Kong, arriving at Hong Kong Airport via Putian. I went to the cashier check-in counter, and they said it’s Code Share. They’re going to the Mongolian Airlines counter! I got a little nervous…I will check in at T1, but the boarding gate is T2, so take the train! Stop by the duty free shop and get two sets of lipstick – one from Mr. Kim’s wife, Zulaco! – Buy, Swagger Americano and Blueberry muffins! I went to the gate and got on the bus for a long time. I was spraying rain, but I put a banger on the side of the vacant lot. Ugh! It’s like riding a low-cost carrier when you go to Cebu! Bang is too tight! It takes 4 hours and 40 minutes. It’s inconvenient. That’s right, but I’m excited about my first trip to Mongolia with my sister! I’m not very happy with the in-flight meal of Banggi in a developing country! Don’t eat, don’t eat me. I can’t come to sleep… Be on your guard, Mongolian meadow! We’re coming.

August 30th 17:52 Wow! Still, he arrived at Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan Airport on time. Whew! I went out looking for my bag, and I thought you were good at Korean. I went to school in Korea illegally from elementary school to middle school.) I met him with a straight bread and rode on Hyundai Grace to Ger Camp in Terljee National Park, which means little azalea)!

The guide is working hard to explain Ulaan Baatar. It’s amazing! It’s fun. It’s fun! There are two big thermal power plants in the middle of town, and in the winter, air pollution must be a joke. When winter comes, rich people go abroad for a month or two! Oh! What’s with the traffic jam in this little city? It’s a one-way lane. The roads around a country’s capital are almost a country road! There are three million Mongolians and half of them live here in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolians give 700 square meters of green grassland per person unconditionally when they are born. Oh! As soon as I come out of the world, I’m so. On the left is downtown. On the right, I can’t wait to see the mountains and the green grasslands. Water at SANSAR Market and start again! I’m finally starting to see the grassland. My heart is pounding. I love the scenery! I felt better. I ate Mungunji Kimchi Jjigae at the Nungji restaurant that Koreans do. It tastes good! The side dishes are good and a little salty, but… I ate too much. I was worried about the food, but she looks okay. That’s enough…

Wow! From now on, the grassland I saw, imagined, and expected from the movie or the TV will unfold. Wow! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I entered Terlji National Park (1,600 meters above sea level, UNESCO’s World Natural Cultural Heritage, the sea in the old Mesozoic Era), and there are various rocky mountains rising through the vast meadow and its meadow. Up up!

Arrived! Terelj Mountain Lodge. Too bad we can’t appreciate the sunset properly because of the cloudy weather and the late hour. Too bad we can’t see the stars. Ten German and modern wooden hotels are on fire….

The guide said it was going to be cold and rainy, so he took it to the hotel room, not Gerr. I wanted to experience some disappointment. The next day I looked inside and saw that two beds, a sofa, a table, and a stove were all I could do. It’s a clean room and she loves the scent of cypress trees! “Hahahah, good!” (in my heart. Thank goodness you like it! I unpacked my bag like lightning, took a camera, burned a cup of tea in a thermos, and went outside and it was raining. Don’t you have any luck? It’s so dark that I can’t get any pictures, and I even brought a heavy tripod to take pictures of the..

The world is so quiet when I lie on the sofa and close my eyes. to feel good I’m really happy to be meditative, enjoying the smell of the old-fashioned air conditioner (the owner doesn’t change it into a new one) without making any noise. I feel great! It’s awesome! It’s like I’m out of the world….the bunk beds are neat and…The world is so quiet and good. I didn’t pee until morning and took a one-shot nap.

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