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Mongolian travel

I’m in a good mood. I’m in a rush to Mongolia. (2018.8.30-9.4) The first time I’ve written it!> It wasn’t as much as I had waited for a picnic as I was a child, but I was excited by the anticipation of my first trip...
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Mongolian travel review

Out of the country on the evening of the 19th, and tour downtown Ulaanbaatar on the 20th. Tours are 21-30 nine nights and 10 days. Entering the country on the 31st morning. Venue of tour: Jabhang, Hobbsgol Based on the fact that I went to...
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Mongolian Travel / Ulaanbaatar Square

This is a picture of Sukhbatar Square taken during a visit to Mongolia on May 12. When you go to Mongolia, you land at Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan Airport. Then one visit each other in Ulaanbaatar Square. Genghis Khan appears in the history books. Sukhbatar is...
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A trip to Mongolia is a Porgon

Hello, I’m Nawkuni who is traveling! These days, I write a diary for a trip to Mongolia. A lot of people ask me questions. I’m going to need more information on travel to Mongolia. I’ll bring it. Please look forward to it. And there are...
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Mongolian Travel Shopping List

The twinkling galaxies, the endless sand deserts in my imagination, and the vast grasslands under the blue sky, Mongolia, a dream country where everything I wanted coexist, and I, a self-certified shopper in Mongolia, had looked up a Mongolian shopping list even before I went....
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CoolMongolia is a personal website for people who wants to travel to Mongolia, Launched in July 2018. The makers of this website aimed to get all the information directly to our readers. The main target of this site is to bring the Unique Information and updates related to Mongolia.

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